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Beautiful earrings. More beautiful than pictures. Perfect length and shiny. -Mary W.

Way nicer than I thought and my wife loved the necklace. Thanks. -Bobby D.

The ring is even better than I imagined! Even came with a lovely box and gem registration. I am absolutely spreading the word about this website! -Amandalyn W.

I upgraded my natural diamond with their lab diamond. Best decision I have ever made. Flawless craftsmanship! Highly recommend. -Nikki L.

Hey Urvashi!!!  I apologize for my LATE reply, but I have received both of my rings – and they are BEYOND GORGEOUS!!!  I just LOVE them and will wear them often...They are JUST BEAUTIFUL!!!  And I follow your business on Instagram, your designs are STUNNING and I hope to do business with you again in the future... 


It was SO great to work with you. You helped me with every step of the process and every overly-analytical question that I had. I know it probably wasn’t always easy with the million changes I wanted to make, so THANK YOU. I’m so grateful that you made my dream ring!!

-Jess A

I've had my eyes on the Athena diamond ring for so long! Finally got the ring of my dreams! Impeccable craftsmanship. 

- Cassidy

It’s beautiful. Perfect!